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AEU: 832 ABCD Kampuchea Krom., Blvd., Toek Laak I, Toul Kork, Phnom Penh-CAMBODIA-Postal Code:12156
H/P: (855)11 757 485 / 15 720 072 / 17 797 799
Phone / Fax: (855)23 998 124
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Asia Euro University (A.E.U) is private University of the Kingdom of Cambodia. It was established to complement of the government in providing higher learning to a growing number of qualified people who are eager to advance their knowledge.

Under the government policy of developing human resources of higher education, in 2005 Asia Euro University(AEU) under sub decree No.  dated January 19, 2005 that signed by Samdach Hun Sen the Prime Minister of the Cambodian Royal Government. Now the AEU can offers diploma bachelor and Master degree.

So far it has attracted high school students, government and non government officers to enroll. So far, the University has trained more than thousands of students, that most of them have worked for the government and non-government organization, industrial, manufacturing and other private companies.

Nowadays, the school is making significant improvements, both in qualitative and quantitative terms, on its equipment. Such improvements are made to properly support the implementation of its new curriculum. Its sole objective is to empower the school's clients, the students, with the practical know how indispensable for problem solving/critical thinking and hence to be accepted in a job position in a private company and keeps it.


AEU’s mission is to dedicate itself and to professionally educate and train those in challenging careers in serven main fields of Business, Computer Science, English, Hotel-Tourism, Economics, Management, Marketing and Law by fostering individuals in defining and fulfilling their success in career and life goal.


According to the government policy of developing human resources-aiming at maximizing available human capital, the AEU is now offering diploma bachelor and Master degree programs. It uses a Credit System providing the students with opportunities to start from low level and growing up to higher ones-saving credits to match the National Standards-working towards a bachelor and master degree.

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  Asurrance of quality of education
  Economy of study expenses
  Upgrade of life
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