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Cisco Networking Academy Program
Institute of Technical Education (singapore)
Youth Star Cambodia
Youth Star Cambodia’s mission is to build a just and peaceful nation through citizen service, civic leadership, and social entrepreneurship. It is a domestic volunteer program for university graduates that enable these young people to gain practical experience and skills, while allowing them to apply their education and enthusiasm to everyday problems facing rural populations in education, agriculture, community development and health.
Cambodia Volunteer Program
Cambodia Volunteer Program (CVP) was built in June 08, 2005 and we works with volunteers from all over the world, especially those who would love to work with educational projects, conservation projects, orphanages and other similar organizations.

Our idea is to use the volunteers previous work experiences, culture and energy and skills to develop and share new and fresh ideas with the Cambodian people. CVP is also designed primarily for college students, recent graduates and committed tourists, though there is no age limit to volunteering!
Certiport Certify to succeed
Certiport is dedicated to helping people excel and succeed through certification. Our globally recognized credentials are aimed at enhancing individual productivity, marketability, and value. Get certified and get noticed.

Certiport offers individuals current and relevant digital skills and credentials for the competitive global workforce. These solutions include the Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC³®), Microsoft® Office Specialist, Microsoft® Business Certification, and Adobe Certified Associate programs, delivered by more than 12,000 Certiport Centers worldwide.
Confucius Institute of Royal Academy of Cambodia
Confucius Institute of Royal Academy of Cambodia is one of the fruitful achievements in terms of comprehensive cooperative partnership and diplomacy between the two countries Cambodia and the People’s Republic of China over 50 years. Confucius Institute of Royal Academy of Cambodia located in the surrounding of Royal Academy of Cambodia is considered as a ferrying bridge helping Khmer learners to search the buried treasure in terms of knowledge in China. Confucius Institute of Royal Academy of Cambodia play very significant roles in sharing great contributions to help develop human resources and prosperity of oriental culture of the People’s Republic of China. Actually, Chinese language, Mandarin, is of a communicative, vital tool for studying Chinese Culture. Opening Confucius Institute of Royal Academy of Cambodia, the opening of its first Chinese-language class, is of great significance for both sides, especially the big chance for our people to study and understand Chinese culture as well as to promote cultural exchange better between the two countries.

Confucius Institute offers as follow:
  • Teaching Chinese Language (Mandarin)
  • Training Chinese Teachers
  • Chinese learning and teaching materials
  • Chinese entrance examination (Chinese Proficiency Test)
  • Accredited Chinese Certificate for professional Chinese teachers
  • Informative counseling over Chinese language and culture
  • International exchange programs in terms of Chinese language and culture

SpringBoard4Cambodia is a Social Enterprise one of the SpringBoard Group in ASEAN, running based on the support of Aid Trust Fund and the contribution of various organization and UK universities fund supported, has been operated in Cambodia since early this year, specialising in computer literacy education and Transfer of Technology (ToT) programmes and consultancy service. At SpringBoard we focus on developing the core value of our work.

Springboard4Cambodia is made of a team of talented and we are here for a long term contribution to the country and believe the success will come from knowledge, experience, innovation, genuine customer focus, sensitivity to needs and true customer satisfaction.

When you are at SpringBoard office around the world or in SpringBoard4Cambodia office, you will find out yourself treated equally and then you will be happy to see us again BECAUSE WE CARE.

"BECAUSE WE CARE" - we will deliver the promise through a passionate commitment to providing the highest possible service to students, parents and sponsoring organizations.

National Employment Agency
National Employment Agency (NEA) was established by sub-decree no. 67 RNK.BK dated 27 April 2009 as a Special Operating Agency under the jurisdiction of National Training Board headed by H.E SOK AN, Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister in charge of the Council of Ministers. Our main purpose is to effectively and efficiently provide quality Employment and Labour Market Information services to job seekers, employees, employers, training providers, and the general public.
IT Click Cam – a leading provider:

• Online Advertisement
• Customized Web Development System
• Customized Software Development
• Quality Network Installation
• Maintenance and Repair Computer – originally innovation technology center of talented developers who are in specialists of each fields. We are focused on giving best services to our clients and partners. adheres to quality national and international production standard, no any project delay, it should be done as requirements. From performing the initial system study to find best methods, solutions as well as more dynamic, automatic, and intelligent; and finally, implementation and training. Project Team is happy and proudly with our work today based on an evaluation of professional capacity and implementation. As a result we offer employees equal opportunities for career growth, high motivation for the professional excellence. Our team members are active to fill or complete your company’s requirement. We work hard today for your smooth system tomorrow. As part of our Talent Improvement Project - training within the company is continuous. We welcome university students to have a conduct filed work or internship. We are working to reach our professional with ethical manner. We are happy and love what we are doing. Pleas choose as a warm partner!
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