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  1. Doctor Program Traning  
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Master of International Relation and Diplomacy (MIRD)

Minimum Required 66 Credits

Academic Year : 2010-2013



1-Mejor Subject *

  • Core Major Subject                :           6 Subjects         =          18 Credits        =          270h

  • Elective Major Subject          :           7 Subjects        =          21 Credits       =          315h

  • Additional Major Subject     :           2 Subject          =          6 Credits          =          90h

 2-Seminar                                                                                         =          6 Credits          =          90h

  • General knowledge and Specialties                         =          3 Credits          =          45h

  • Current Issue and Personal Presentation               =          3 Credits          =          45h

3-Article Publish (2)                                                                      =          2 Credits

4-Research Paper and State Exam / Thesis:                        =          13 Credits

*The Subjects (Core and Elective Major Subjects):

  MIRD General Knowledge of Political Science
MIRD General Knowledge of International Relations
MIRD Scope and Research Methods in International Relations
MIRD International Relations and Globalization: Approaches, Processes and Institutions
MIRD Foreign Policy Analysis
MIRD International Cooperation and Organizations
MIRD The Politics of International Law
MIRD Cambodia in the Global Political Economy
MIRD International Political Economy and Global Governance
MIRD Foreign Policies and Roles of Major Powers in Asia
MIRD Sub-regional Cooperation in Asia
MIRD European Union: Integration and External Relations
MIRD Human Rights and International Ethics
MIRD Security and Strategic Analysis
MIRD International Policy and International Management
MIRD International Politics in West Asia
MIRD International Politics in Central Asia
MIRD International Politics in East Asia
MIRD International Politics in South Asia
MIRD International Politics in European
MIRD The International Politics of Muslim World
MIRD Contemporary Issues in "International Studies"
MIRD Contemporary Political and Socio-Economic Issues of Cambodia
MIRD The Global Political Economy
MIRD International Law & Organization
MIRD Conflict & Security Studies
MIRD War in the International System
MIRD Human Right & Global Justice
MIRD The Media In World Politics
MIRD Diplomacy & Negotiation
MIRD Conflict Management & Resolution
MIRD Making Foreign Policy
MIRD Risk Analysis & Management
MIRD Global Inequality: The Problem of Development
MIRD International Compliance & Regulation
MIRD America & the World
MIRD Europe in the World System
MIRD Global Environment & Sustainability
MIRD ASEAN in World Affairs
MIRD Organizational Strategy and Management
MIRD Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Professionals
MIRD Comparative Politics
MIRD Foreign Policy Decision Making
MIRD International Relations Theory
MIRD International Organizations and Administration
MIRD International Political Economy
MIRD Defense and Strategic Studies
MIRD Conflict and Conflict Resolution Asia
MIRD Global Health
MIRD International Security Studies
MIRD Technology Policy and International Affairs
MIRD Factors and Theories of Analysis in International Relations and Diplomacy
MIRD Foreign Policy Formulation and Diplomacy
MIRD International Public Law
MIRD Current Economic Problems and Policies
MIRD Current Issues in International Relations
MIRD Historical and Contemporary Geopolitics
MIRD Cultural Development and Awareness
MIRD Global Communications, Media and International Affairs
MIRD International Trade, Banking and Finance
MIRD Theory and Origins of Global Conflict
MIRD Principles of Economics
MIRD Beginnings of the Contemporary Political Order
MIRD Anthropology and Politics
MIRD Post-Modernity and International Relations and Diplomacy
MIRD Comparative Politics
MIRD Issues in EU Foreign Policy
MIRD Issues in U.S. Foreign Policy
MIRD Issues in China Foreign Policy
MIRD Issues in Japan Foreign Policy
MIRD Issues in India Foreign Policy
MIRD International Environmental Politics
MIRD Analytical reading and academic writing
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