Master Degree
    Ph.D. Degree
  Decision Principles  
  1. Doctor Program Traning  
  2. Program Fee  
  3. Test Entrance Ph.D. Class  
  4. Membership of Scientific Council of Academy  
  5. Guidelines on The Request for Continuing Study and Defending Thesis for Doctoral Program  

Master of Law (LL.M.)

Minimum Required 66 Credits

Academic Year : 2010-2013



1-Mejor Subject *

  • Core Major Subject                :           6 Subjects         =          18 Credits        =          270h

  • Elective Major Subject          :           7 Subjects        =          21 Credits       =          315h

  • Additional Major Subject     :           2 Subject          =          6 Credits          =          90h

 2-Seminar                                                                                         =          6 Credits          =          90h

  • General knowledge and Specialties                         =          3 Credits          =          45h

  • Current Issue and Personal Presentation               =          3 Credits          =          45h

3-Article Publish (2)                                                                      =          2 Credits

4-Research Paper and State Exam / Thesis:                        =          13 Credits

*The Subjects (Core and Elective Major Subjects):

        LL.M Public Law
    LL.M Advanced Criminal Law
    LL.M Comparative Criminal Law
    LL.M Advance Electoral and Parliamentary Law
    LL.M Public Economic Law ion
    LL.M International Humanities Law
    LL.M Civil Law Procedures and Justice Administration
    LL.M Legal Writing and Research Methodology
    LL.M International Intellectual Property Law
    LL.M Law of International Trade/ International Business Transaction
    LL.M International Tax Law and Tax Planning
    LL.M Dispute Resolution in International Commerce and Investment
    LL.M International Finance and Banking Law
    LL.M Corporate Finance Law
    LL.M European Union Law
    LL.M International Environmental Law and Policy
    LL.M Law on International Organization
    LL.M E-commerce Law
    LL.M Comparative Law of Evidence
    LL.M International Economic Law
    LL.M Advanced Contract and Tort Law
    LL.M Administration and Law
    LL.M Administrative Procedure
    LL.M Administrative Science and Administrative System in Cambodia
    LL.M International Trade and WTO System
    LL.M Principle of Liberal Constitutional Law and Its Implementation in Cambodia
    LL.M Law of Public Service
    LL.M Fundamental Principle of International Law and Implementation of Inter. Convention in
    LL.M Judicial System and Administrative Disputes
    LL.M Land Law and Dispute Resolution
    LL.M Banking Law
    LL.M Business & Finance for Lawyers
    LL.M Comparative Corporate Law
    LL.M Competition Law and Economics
    LL.M Construction Law
    LL.M International Banking Law
    LL.M International Economic Law & Relations
    LL.M International Tax Law
    LL.M International Trusts
    LL.M Law of Insurance
    LL.M Negotiating & Drafting International Commercial Transactions
    LL.M Personal Property Law I - Tangible
    LL.M Personal Property Law II - Intangible
    LL.M Tax Planning & Policy
    LL.M World Trade Law
    MPA Analytical reading and academic writing
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