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    Ph.D. Degree
  Decision Principles  
  1. Doctor Program Traning  
  2. Program Fee  
  3. Test Entrance Ph.D. Class  
  4. Membership of Scientific Council of Academy  
  5. Guidelines on The Request for Continuing Study and Defending Thesis for Doctoral Program  

Master of Political Science (MP)

Minimum Required 66 Credits

Academic Year : 2010-2013



1-Mejor Subject *

  • Core Major Subject                :           6 Subjects         =          18 Credits        =          270h

  • Elective Major Subject          :           7 Subjects        =          21 Credits       =          315h

  • Additional Major Subject     :           2 Subject          =          6 Credits          =          90h

 2-Seminar                                                                                         =          6 Credits          =          90h

  • General knowledge and Specialties                         =          3 Credits          =          45h

  • Current Issue and Personal Presentation               =          3 Credits          =          45h

3-Article Publish (2)                                                                      =          2 Credits

4-Research Paper and State Exam / Thesis:                        =          13 Credits

*The Subjects (Core and Elective Major Subjects):

  MP Politics and General Contemporary History
MP Theory of Politics
MP History of Political Institutions
MP Social Movements
MP Approaches and Issue in Comparative Politics
MP Theory and Political Analysis
MP Political Thought
MP Political Philosophy and Problems of Ethics
MP Sociology and Psychology of Politics
MP International Security
MP Political Decision-Making
MP Political Communication
MP Theories of the State
MP Political Economy
MP Theories of Comparative Politics
MP Theories of International Relations
MP International Political Economy
MP European Studies
MP Asia Studies, Major in China Korea and Japan Studies
MP American Studies
MP ASEAN Studies
MP International Relations of ASEAN and EU
MP Contemporary Issues in International Relations
MP Economy, Culture and Society
MP Classic in Public Policy
MP World History and Politics
MP Cambodian Politics in ASEAN Studies
MP Cambodian between Vietnam and Thailand
MP Analytical reading and academic writing
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