Under Graduate Study  
  Department of Marketing
Program Objectives:  
  1. To provide a comprehensive rang of coursework in the discipline of marketing which facilitates students' learning of essential concepts, frameworks, core body of knowledge, and necessary technical skills to develop them as full potential marketing professionals.
  2. To produce graduates in marketing who are able to apply the theories of marketing in the real business world.
  3. To produce graduates in marketing who possess the capability to self-improve, be flexible, be competent and well-rounded in different domains, and handle well all aspects and dimensions of business problems confronting them.
  4. To produce quality graduates who are committed to sound and ethical decision-making by adopting scientific tools, technologies and models as learning and decision resources.
  Expected to be:  
  1. After finished first year students can be sales representative.
  2. After finished second year students can be staff officer for marketing office such as sales promotion...
  3. After finished third year students can be assistance marketing manager.
  4. After finished bachelor degree students can be manager or senior manager for marketing office.
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