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  Mission Vision
    In pursuance of the aims set out in the University's Vision and Mission Statement, the Department of English at Asia Euro University seeks through its teaching to empower its students by stimulating and developing their imaginative, critical and moral faculties. Both in its teaching activities and through the new knowledge generated by its research endeavors, the Department is guided by the over-arching goals of cultural enrichment and social justice for all Cambodia.  
    In seeking to realize its vision, the Departmental English is committed to the following aims:  
  • Developing a Cambodian-cent red curriculum which nevertheless sees English as a world language and    seeks to include as wide range of literature in English as possible
  • Situating the detailed study of individual literary works within more general inquiry into matters of cultural history and production, textual, language and verbal art
  • Exposing students to a variety of critical and scholarly orientations and fostering appropriate argumentative skills
  • Promoting correctness, clarity and precision of expression in students' speaking and writing
  • Training students up to and beyond nationally and internationally accepted standards in terms of both discipline-specific outcomes and transferable critical, imaginative, and interactive skills
  • Participating in the quest for knowledge by engaging in and promoting academic research
  • Keeping abreast of trends and developments in the discipline globally
    In pursuance of these aims, the Departmental English is committed to the following objectives:  
  •  Sustaining an environment of challenging and collaborative learning, notably through a small group tutorial system
  • Assisting students disadvantaged by educational background to meet the linguistic and conceptual standards required by the discipline.
  •  Engaging in ongoing professional development in respect of both teaching and research.
  •  Participating frequently in national and international conferences.
  •  Publishing research findings in journals and books.
  •  Promoting the Department nationally and internationally as a centre for postgraduate studies, especially in the fields of Cambodian, Early Modern, and twenty-first century literature.
  •  Regularly hosting distinguished visitors and maintaining and extending links with cognate departments and institutions.
  •  Aligning its practice with the University's mission statements and policy documents concerning the evaluation of teaching and courses, curriculum development and review, and the assessment of student learning.
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