Under Graduate Study  
  Department of Computer Science
    Faculty of Science and Information Technology was founded with obvious management structure in March, 2007. With the significance of information technology sector, the faculty pays particular attention to its curriculum and lecturer’s qualification, and most subjects including lecturers are internationally admitted. Moreover, there are a lot of services that the students can trust their ability to compete job opportunity nationally and internationally.

The faculty of Science and Information Technology offers the Associate and Bachelor program to the students.
    Bachelor Degree (3 years)  
    After finishing Foundation Year successfully, the students will be able to apply to pursue to Bachelor degree of computer science skill and at the end of this course the students acquire knowledge and skills such as:
  • Programmer: is a skill with many subjects and languages which provides the students with knowledge and concept to design, analysis and setting up Windows Application & Web Application with the need of customers such as Staff Management System, Salary Management System, Library Management System, E- Commerce……etc.

  • Network Administrator: is a skill which obliges the students to study technical words in the field of technology and to understand Operating System, Data Communication, Design Network Infrastructure, and Network Security with the Computer Management Network for using Operating System Linux & Windows. Furthermore, the students can learn in detail all academic years on the Internet Cisco Networking Academic Program, which is internationally recognized and prioritized Asia Euro University to add to Bachelor program as well.
    Associate Degree (2 years)  
    Associate Degree is an academic limit with a two-year course which organized in the purpose of providing the students who study in the limit and the skill to catch a wide range of knowledge in technology sector, which provides the students with innovative method for their work through technology management:

  • Programming: To use the base for preparing Data in Computer System, the infrastructure of writing language in computer, and the method of program management, Data management, Webpage design, attractive advertisement design and so on.

  • Networking: The learners who study the subject of the program Cisco Networking Academy Program Hardware and Software sectors will be able to use the technical words in technology field, the base for communication through technology, Operation System, Organization and Management of Computer Network used by Operating System Windows and certainly to become IT Consultant or IT Technician.
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